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December 12th, 2007 9:56 AM by Ron Mastrodonato


The holiday networking season runs from the first week of December through the middle of January; and it’s a prime time for business professionals to meet with friends, colleagues and clients through charity fundraisers, association events and holiday parties. Despite weakness in the real estate market, Realtor Ivona Kutermankiewicz of Lincoln Park, Ill.-based Koenig & Strey still plans to host her annual client cocktail party. And to boost attendance, she scheduled the event for the second week in January. According to Kutermankiewicz, “A lot of people are in a financial crunch right now, but that’s even more of a reason to do it. It’s a nice way to stay in touch and to make sure these people refer you to their friends.”

Source: Philadelphia Inquirer (12/05/07) Rose, Barbara
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Real estate associates are paying closer attention to their listing blurbs in an effort to get buyers’ attention as discounted prices, home improvements and other incentives don’t seem to do as much good. These blurbs tend to focus on a home’s positive features, such as location, but some associates believe descriptions generally aren’t true. Among other things, listing blurbs might say a home has a basement bedroom instead of a small space lacking windows, or highlight a property’s hardwood floors that may actually be laminated. Listing descriptions also use code words, such as “cozy” instead of small or “handyman special” instead of saying the home needs major work. Ira Sacharoff of Skyline Properties in the Seattle area notes, “Some of … the agents will say ‘won’t last at this price,’ and the listing is six months old.” A good listing blurb includes original words, asks prospective buyers a question, uses alliteration, imparts a sense of urgency, and puts a positive spin on the home’s flaws, according to Al Johnson of Windermere Real Estate, who has instructed classes on listing language.

Source: Seattle Post-Intelligencer (11/21/07) Cohen, Aubrey
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