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June 11th, 2008 8:17 AM by Ron Mastrodonato


NAR awarded the Hernando County Association of Realtors $1,642 to produce a series of workshops on affordable housing and smart growth - the only Florida state association to receive funds from the national association's Smart Growth Action Grants program. A total of $48,262 was awarded to 13 local and state Realtor associations. NAR established the Smart Growth Action Grant program in 2005 to increase the effectiveness of Realtor associations in creating livable communities. Funds can be used to further community planning activities or host events such as a conference or speakers' series on topics ranging from transportation and zoning to open space preservation and school development. "Realtors build communities and care about improving them through smart growth initiatives," says NAR President Dick Gaylord. "NAR's smart growth grants help Realtors and their local and state associations become more involved in creating livable communities that meet the changing demands of their clients and customers and result in more walkable, mixed-use communities."
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Posted by Ron Mastrodonato on June 11th, 2008 8:17 AM


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